Being a central meeting point for many professional bodies, the RCU Skills Centre website will act as a online tool for reservations and inquiries as well as an information hub for all things related to the RCU Skills Centre.

Designed as a simple yet functional tool, the Skills Centre Website features three key elements: Home and News, Reservations and Inquiries and Programmes which provides information regarding the recently launched City & Guilds Partnership for Motor Vehicle Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Digital Marketing qualifications.


The Reservations and Inquiries feature allows you to get in touch with us to make an inquiry regarding our facilities or the City & Guilds programmes we offer. In terms of our facilities, this feature allows you to make an inquiry regarding the availability of halls on chosen dates, to which the Skills Centre will respond with availability and rates. The feature has the scope to be an automated system and we hope to set forth on this endeavour in the near future to bring our facilities to you in an even more convenient form.


The Programmes feature contains detailed information regarding the City & Guilds qualifications offered at the RCU Skills Centre as a City & Guilds Approved Centre. You can browse through both the Digital Marketing and Engineering avenues currently offered and take a look at the subject scope, content and the lecturers who will be taking you through your educational journey with us.

Giving youth an impetus in Motor Vehicle Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering & Digital Marketing, the Royal College Union recently joined hands with City & Guilds to conducted the Motor Vehicle Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Digital Marketing Qualifications at the RCU Skills Centre.

The Skills Centre is situated in a prestigious and convenient location and is easily accessible for all that look to avail the services offered and is an ideal location for conducting educational programmes. The Skills Centre has a special mandate to assist youth who have aspirations to get a recognised qualification, even though their A/L, or even O/L results are not on par, to gain entry to the university system. Since its inception, the RCU Skills Centre has been the centre point for many professionals and students who meet to further their professional or academic knowledge in the form of lectures, seminars or special educational programmes.

The latest addition to the portfolio  of services from the Skills Centre are the Level 2 Certificate and the Level 3 Diploma in Motor Vehicle and Electrical & Electronic Engineering and the Level 4 Diploma in Digital Marketing. The final certifications will be conferred by City and Guilds, London with the RCU being recognised as an City & Guilds Approved Centre.

At the beginning, FLITS Vocational Training Institute, the training arm of Arabian Motors will handle theoretical and practical training for the Engineering courses, who will ensure that youth get entrenched in the ‘nitty-gritty’ of motor vehicle, electrical and electronic engineering and related subjects, that will cater to a holistic approach.

The Digital Marketing programme will be conducted by a specialist panel of industry experts, who are at the forefront of Marketing and Digital Marketing in Sri Lanka. Being a high growth sector with no recognised qualification available in Sri Lanka, the Level 4 Diploma in Digital Marketing is a pioneering effort in this evolving field and the Skills Centre programme opens a great opportunity for students who are After O/L, A/L and even Practicing Professionals to earn a professional qualification to back their careers.

The RCU Skills Centre Management ensures that a professional lecture panel on par with international standards will deliver the lectures to student’s in keeping with its vision to offer all students under its tutelage an excellent qualifications that will lead to industry employment.

Students who have O/L and A/L are invited to apply for this programme.

For further details please contact the RCU Skills Centre through telephone on 077-8694333 / 011 – 4503887 or e-mail –